Shannon Lake Elementary – Class of 2016

Last year I was approached by a teacher at Shannon Lake Elementary School, Mrs. Wipf. I have known this teacher for most of my life and she was actually a teacher at my school when I was in grades 5, 6 & 7. Every year with her Grade 6 students she does an Entrepreneurship unit. This year she did the unit around tea and combined it with her global citizen unit.

To start, the kids listened to a presentation about tea, what it is and where it comes from. They learned a little about the living conditions in India where the tea is grown and were able to see pictures of students studying in class rooms, similar to theirs.

Next the kids had an opportunity to smell and taste a variety of tea and ingredients, such as mint, rose petals, ginger and cardamom.

The students were then tasked to do some market research. They surveyed their family, friends and neighbours to determine what types of tea they should blend. After the results were in, the students broke into groups and made six (6) teas. Four (4) of which were caffeine free and two (2) using tea.

Mango Tango is a black and fruit blended tea, Tea-Licious is a green tea blended with apple, cinnamon and st. john’s wort – Very Delicious. The four caffeine free blends included Minty Morning, Morning Burst, a herbal blend, Tropical Vibes, a hibiscus blend and Try-the-Chai, a Rooibos chai blend. All the teas turned out amazing and taste great.

In combination with their Global Citizen unit, the students will be taking 10% of what they earn from this fundraiser and doing micro-lending in the global south, possibly purchasing a goat or some chickens for a family to provide food and some income from.

During the 2.5 weeks the students had for this fundraiser, they were able to earn near $900 to help pay for their year-end trip. They are also able to now donate close to $90 to be used for micro-lending.

Congratulations SLE class of 2016, you have done an excellent job raising money for your trip and truly making a difference in the lives of others. 

Thank you Shannon Lake for a very successful fundraiser. Your class will truly make a difference

Thank you Shannon Lake for a very successful fundraiser. Your class will truly make a difference

We at TeaForaCause, will also be donating funds to the Global South from this campaign and will purchase two (2) solar-powered lanterns for two families who live and work in the tea estates where we purchase our tea from in India.