With Christmas upon us, I can’t help but smile at how exceptional both the students at Whole School and the swimmers with Liquid Lightning Swim Club did raising money for their school and club respectively. With only 32 students in the private Whole School located in the Slocan Valley in southern BC, they raised nearly $250 for field trips and educational tools. The swimmers of Liquid Lightning Swim Club raised close to $650 which will be used to cover coaching fees and team travel costs.

Teas from each of these groups are still available and proceeds will continue to be raised for their respective cause. Liquid Lightning teas can be found here.  My favourite of the blends was the Mini Cup of Happiness, a rooibos and coconut blend.  Bronze Spice and Winter Green were also really popular blends.

Teas from The Whole School will continue to be available on-line; as well, will be sold during the schools Spring Fair, being held in March 2017. Chai Generosi-Tea and Black Hawk Earl Grey were the most popular blends. Based on a few requests we have increased the strength of the Earl Grey in the Black Hawk Earl Grey and have decreased the amount of rose petals.

Thank you to the students and swimmers who did such a great job fundraising for their groups and thank you to all the parents, neighbours and friends who supported them.