It’s that time of year again when children run off to school and mom’s and dad’s get to breathe a sigh of relief. For some of us, back to school means back to routine, schedules and semi-controlled mayhem. For others, it means cleaning the house because there’s nothing else to do. For me, it means more time behind my desk and putting on business clothes instead of a a bathing suit and shorts, but I love the fall. I was married in the fall and both of my children are fall babies. With the leaves changing colour and the weather still sunny, I’d have to say it’s my favourite time of the year.

It’s also the time of year, when kids start bringing home fundraisers. My favourite was Girl Guide cookies. I remember this one house near where I lived would buy a case from me every year and other houses would by 6-10 boxes at a time. I always felt like an accomplished sales women, especially when my Grandmas bought grossly overpriced wrapping paper from me or magazine subscriptions that she never read which I never understood, but it’s probably why I buy chocolate covered almonds from boys and girls and pay way too much.

For the past 12-years while owning the operating my own tea company, it has always interested me to work with the schools to help them raise money. Since our business model was geared towards wholesaling to grocery stores and food & beverage establishments I never really took the time to develop a fundraising program. In 2012, we worked with the Canadian Culinary Championships and Gold Medal Plates. Each of the chefs designed there own tea and we served it throughout various events and sold it to help raise money for ‘Own the Podium’, a not-for-profit organization that helps fund Canadian Olympic Athletes. It was then that I realized helping others was where my passion lie and fuelling it through a fundraising model worked.

Today we work with schools, community groups and not-for-profits to help them raise needed funds, whether your school needs a new playground or smart boards, your sports team needs new equipment or your students need to pay for travel, we can help.

Contact us today to explore the possibility of doing a fundraiser for your school or sports group. It’s easy, well priced and nearly everyone I know loves tea!