@TeaForaCause Tea Fundraiser


Revival Tea – Helping the Community of Fort McMurray

Tea For a Cause has made available three custom blended and designed teas to help the Ft. McMurray Wild Fire Crisis. Five dollars ($5) from the sale of each tea will be donated and divided between the Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse to help with the Ft. McMurray crisis. “When I heard of the devastation of Ft.McMurray and all the hurdles and heart-aches facing the community, tears streamed down my face and I immediately wanted to help.” said Amber Piché, co-owner of TeaForaCause.

Each tea 50 g bag of loose tea sells for $15 and will yield 20 – 25 servings. The teas can be purchased on-line at TeaForaCause.ca/Ft-Mac-Wild-Fire. The three tea blends include a green tea blend, black tea and earl grey blend and a caffeine free rooibos blend. Revival Green is a green tea and lemongrass blend will just a hint of peppermint. Revival Black is an Earl Grey blend with rose petals and yellow calendula petals. Revival Red is a fruity rooibos blend perfect iced on a hot day.

TeaForaCause is a brand new concept focusing on helping schools, sports groups and not-for-profits raise needed funds by fundraising. Through the creation of custom blended teas we are able to not only help make a difference for that group, but also offer a product that is healthy, of high quality and something that more and more people are enjoying every day.

For the past 5-years, we have been working along side the Canadian Culinary Championships, under our brand MyTea.ca and the cause they support, Own The Podium. Each of the competing chefs, some of the national judges, including James Chatto and Sid Cross; olympians including Gillian Apps, David Kreek and Simon Whitfield and the recently retired musician John Mann from Spirit of the West have all created their very own teas, which we have then been able to serve throughout these events. It is from these events that the idea to focus on fundraising has spawned this new direction.

With something as simple as a cup of tea, some creative words, and a passion for helping others, we hope to make a difference in the lives of those around us. This universal beverage can mean so much to so many; a healthy alternative to the daily grind, a soothing aroma to ease the mind and the tummy or a fun beverage to make us feel energetic and alive.

TeaForaCause is a branch of My Tea Blending Room founded by Pierre & Amber Piché in 2012. Pierre and Amber are also the founders of MOTEAS, a manufacturer and distributor of Organic Certified and Certified Fair Trade teas and tisanes. Today they spend their time focusing on helping community groups, sports clubs and not-for-profits raise needed funds through the sale of specialty and custom branded loose leaf teas. For additional information or to start your own tea fundraiser, please visit their website, TeaForaCause.ca

Making a difference, one cup at a time.

For more information, please contact Amber Piché

m. 250-869-5323 | e. amber@teaforacause.ca